A non-adventure adventure game. 

The direct sequel to HIBISCUS! So much answers! More maps, more items, more music, more everything! 

Plays on browser and on mobile (swipe to move). 

Please tell me if you enjoyed your time there :)

Made with the lovely Mosi engine https://zenzoa.itch.io/mosi


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So the story is just strolling around? No solving other people's problems?

That's nice  < 3


I love the brother and sister in the peaks, they're so adorable, and... is that the door beyond hibiscus town-


Hi, I'm glad you liked it! 
Yes, it's actually the door to Hibiscus! :)


i don't really know how to play the "story" though :(

Thanks, glad you liked it!
There is no good or bad way to play the "story"... :)

very cute game! I will be keeping an eye out for updates ;) 


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! You missed the south east area... :p 

whoops lol