Relax. Listen to the whisper of the wind in the leaves. Play your Koto. 

Use keyboard letters from E to O, and from S to L to play your Koto. 

Fullscreen is advised (bottom right button in the game window)

Best experienced in Chrome 


Game by Florian Decupper (

Soundscape recording: Tim Kahn (

Thanksu to Valentin Seiche 

Published Sep 07, 2017
AuthorFlorian Dcp
Tagscreation, Instrument, koto, landscape, Music, musical, quick, Relaxing, zen


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This is so comfy, haha, thank you.

having fun with this game tho

good good good


So relaxing!

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

I'm in love with the Koto! <3


Great Game!